'Please don't shoot us': Friends shot by angry customer after stopping at Detroit gas station

A man is mourning his friend after the pair stopped at a Detroit gas station and became the target of an angry customer.

David Langston and Gregory Karlos Kelly stopped at a Mobil gas station on McNichols near Lodge Freeway around 3 a.m. Saturday after a night of celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

"We just walked into the gas station. We were there to grab some cigarettes and some blunts," Langston said.

Langston said the men heard a customer arguing with the clerk over a few dollars.

"He (the clerk) locked the door. We were like let us up out of here, we don't have anything to do with this.  The guy like, 'If you don't unlock this door, I'm gonna shoot everybody in here,'" Langston said. "'Please man don't shoot us we don't got nothing to do with this, man.' And my friend said something like, ‘Man, he ain’t gonna shoot us, let us up out of here.' And he started shooting."

Langston was shot in the back and arm. Another man was shot and injured, while Kelly was killed.

"I ran to my best friend, but he was gone," Langston said.

The pair have been best friends since grade school and are now 37. Langston will have surgery Wednesday to remove the bullets that are still in his hand, and Carlos' family is planning a funeral.  

"He was very loving and warm, caring, and everybody loved him. He had plenty of friends. He just did not deserve a death like that," his mother Marilyn Fortner said.

Detroit police shut the gas station down because it did not have a business license. The shooter, who tried to escape, was caught and is expected to be arraigned this week.