Pole dancer performance team: Instagram is shadowbanning us

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Lori Glaza is a member of the Polefit Revolution Performance Team.

"We do a mixture of all kinds of dance involving the pole, so that's going to be ballet, hip-hop, Bollywood and everything in between," Glaza said.

The team has performed all over the country including New York and Denver - and soon, Tucson, Arizona.

But Glaza said the team is facing some backlash from Instagram, experiencing what's known as 'shadowbans.' Pictures and hashtags are posted and then Glaza said suddenly they are no longer visible for people to see.

"Because Instagram is making things very difficult it is hard for us to be seen," she said.

Glaza has contacted Instagram but hasn't gotten an explanation. She thinks her content is being deemed inappropriate - but she and her fellow performers say this is a legitimate sport.

"It's a form of vertical gymnastics," said Kat Thurman.

"I run a pole fitness post," said Glaza.

"We have to have as much skin as possible in order to stick to the pole," Kat Thurman, Revolution Performance Team. "It is similar to gymnastic how they were leotards."

"It seems as though to the community is starting to open their eyes to poles being more," said Glaza.

Now these women just hope Instagram will see Polefit the way they see it.

"(When) your audience isn't able to with you," Thurman said. "It severs any type of relationship you were able to build."

FOX 2 contacted Instagram, but no spokesperson has responded yet.