Police at scene of barricaded gunman in SW Detroit

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Detroit police are at the scene of a barricaded gunman in the 800 block of Wheelock Tuesday.

Earlier today, bailiffs went to the house with paperwork for an eviction at 2 p.m. and the man called 911 which he said someone was breaking into the house according to Cmdr. Elvin Barren. 

Once officers arrived and tried to get the suspect to leave, he pointed a long gun at them. Police said that after the man pointed a long gun at them, one officer fired on him and wounded him in the backside.

Earlier DPD said that the suspect had fired on officers and bailiffs from court, but police corrected that report and said the man had pointed the gun at them.

"The suspect retreated inside the van where he is barricaded inside the van," said Barren. "He said he is injured but the bleeding is stopped. He has not fired any weapons he does have two long guns inside the van.

The man has been in contact with police and has said he "has lived in the house 50 years" and is not ready to leave. Police negotiators are in contact with the man.

"He has said he will come out when he feels like it," Barren said. 

A heavily armed police presence has surrounded the area, in southwest Detroit. Police have set up a three mile perimeter around the property near Lafayette and Central, until the situation can be resolved. Motorists should avoid the area.

The DPD Special Response Team is among the police assembled at the scene as well as Michigan State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

The Michigan State Police robot has been brought out, but it is unclear how it might be used.

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