Police chase ends with a crash on Detroit's west side

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A Detroit police chase ended with a crash tonight at about 5:30 p.m. Friday.

The pursuit ended on Hazel near Rosa Parks on the city's west side near the Motor City Casino. 

A tow truck hauled off a sedan that was suffered front end damage with airbags deployed.

"I pulled up from work, I just heard a boom from the car hitting the corner," said one witness. "And the next thing you know the police are in pursuit of a guy."

People living in the area recalled hearing a car accelerate then crash violently just seconds later.

"It was very loud. you could tell it was two cars," the witness said. "It sounded like two cars or maybe just a car hitting a building, almost. It was loud."

Witnesses say three people were in the vehicle that fled police. At least one of them took off running after the car crashed. He did not get far.

"They were in pursuit, they ran down the block and they apprehended him," the witness said. "I looked out and I saw three other people getting handcuffed."

Detroit police have not commented on what led to the chase.