Police chase through multiple cities ends in Inkster

A robbery suspect tries to run from the cops in Detroit leading police on a chase through several cities before ditching his car in Inkster.

A wild police chase Wednesday afternoon from Detroit to Westland to, hear in Inkster.

"They went by me so fast all I could see was the beginning, end, and middle of it," said Don Waddy.

Three police departments chased the suspect in his mid-20s because he was wanted for armed robbery in Detroit and thought he could out run the cops. 

And from the looks of the tire tracks the suspect was really trying to get away from the cops.   Inkster police said that the man ran past about two houses before he was apprehended. There were no injuries and he remains in custody awaiting charges.

Besides armed robbery charges, this guy likely faces fleeing and eluding, which is running away from the cops. Sometimes that charge can be as bad as the initial charge."