Police custody escapee turns self in, tired of media coverage

A person of interest in a Highland Park murder who escaped police custody turned himself in Wednesday.

"He said I got tired of all the media coverage. I got tired of seeing my name and picture on TV - and I'm giving myself up," Highland Park Police Chief Chester Logan said.

Back behind bars after a bold escape, 37-year-old Joseph Gray is suspected of murder and has past convictions for child abuse and drugs. On Tuesday night, he escaped from Highland Park police custody, setting off an intense manhunt.

Person of interest in fatal stabbing escapes police custody

The federal marshal’s service, the fugitive apprehension team and Highland Park Police - dozens of law enforcement were on the case.

"We were offering a reward and during this whole time of setting up the command post. We received notification from Detroit Police Department 12th Precinct that he surrendered," U.S. Marshall Aaron Garcia said. "And the media was huge in that - putting the pressure on to turn himself in."

Highland Park Police Det. Brian Menge said everyone working together led to this result.

"The amount of pressure that was put on this case forced him to turn himself in," he said. "It was only a matter of time that he was going to get apprehended."

Police say Gray is a person of interest in the November stabbing death of Oliver Olds at an apartment building. He'd been arrested a few days ago and Tuesday evening, he faked an illness to get out of police custody and into the hospital.

Once there, he was not under police guard and walked out. The chief wants to know how "that" was allowed to happen.

"Circumstances around him leaving the hospital are under investigation," Chief Logan said. "There's enough blame to go around - our job is to assess the blame, who gets the blame."

But for now, officials are experiencing relief and gratitude for all the agencies involved in the manhunt.

"I see this as a very good move on the departments coming together to keep our streets safe and keep our residents safe - couldn't be any better and I'm proud of all these guys," said Highland Park Mayor Hubert Yopp.