Police: Domestic situation led to woman's death at MGM Detroit hotel

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A man is under arrest tonight accused of brutally murdering a woman.

It happened Tuesday morning at the MGM Grand Hotel in Detroit.  Police spent the day collecting evidence - trying to determine what led to this woman's death inside.

MGM Detroit Grand employees frantically called Detroit police after a man began acting "hysterically, disoriented and making no sense" as he wandered outside of the hotel.

Officers arrived and quickly detained the man while security worked to identify the 33-year-old. It was discovered the man was registered at the hotel. 

Investigators entered the room and that's when they made a horrific discovery.

"It appears to be a domestic situation," said Assistant Chief James White, Detroit police. "A very tragic situation (is) unfolding as we speak."

Police say a woman is in her 30s from metro Detroit found clearly beaten to death. The victim is being called a domestic acquaintance but a motive or what caused this man to snap, is still unclear.

"This is a very fresh case," White said. "We don't want to release any information on the victim we want to make sure we give proper respect to the family."

Jenni Omness, who manages the media for MGM Grand - released a statement saying "The investigation is being handled by authorities and we are fully cooperating."

Police are waiting for family to be notified before releasing the victim's identity.