Police: drunk woman drives almost 100 mph with 2 kids in car

Police say a woman whose blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit was driving with two toddlers in the car with her when she was caught speeding at almost 100 mph.

Milford Police pulled over the woman in her 2002 Ford going 93 mph on Sunday. She was headed west on General Motors Road when she was caught hitting the high speed. With the cops in tow, lights, sirens and all, nothing slowed her down. She passed a car in a no-passing zone and the chase continued.

She then blew through the light on Hickory Ridge and took her 13-year-old Ford into the GM Proving grounds. 

There, the cops were finally able to put a stop to the speeding car. But they noticed something, not just alcohol on her breath, but two kids in the car with her, ages 1 and 3.

The police dashcam was released on Wednesday. She was driving so fast, the car wasn't even in the video until they got to the parking lot.

In the car with her was her brother, who was drunk, according to police. They said he blew a .43 BAC and his sister was trying to protect him. She could be heard on video saying he is the only babysitter she has and that she can't lose him.

An ambulance had to be called, and he and the woman were arrested. Prosecutors are contemplating charges of fleeing and eluding a police officer, drunk driving and child endangerment. 

Labor Day is Monday and you may have seen a few ads that are running that police are cracking down on drunk drivers. Milford Police Chief Thomas Lindberg says this is a campaign they're taking seriously.

"Obviously, there are campaigns throughout the state, drive sober or get pulled over, but also in our small community we will be watching for drunk driving," Lindberg said.

Authorities are likely looking at this case and she may be deemed to be an unfit mother and could lose custody of her children.