Police found missing woman, daughter in Florida

A mother and daughter are found safe after being reported missing Tuesday morning. On Thursday they turned up in Florida.

The Michigan State Post in Brighton has been teaming with the FBI and Hamburg Township police for a successful outcome. Now, family is relieved.

Darrell Hayward was relieved after his daughter Amanda and granddaughter Sapphire were found safe in Florida.

"I saw a picture of my granddaughter down there," said Darrell Hayward. "She's safe."

Just as soon as investigators found 30 year-old Amanda and 7-year-old Sapphire safe in Homosassa, Florida, they canceled the Amber Alert.

Darrell Hayward says his daughter connected with family in Florida.

"Her mother lives down there," he said.

Sapphire Palmer was taken into custody by Child Protective Services. Her grandfather says that' s the best thing right now.

Police believe mom and daughter were on a road trip in a car with 64-year-old Douglas Stanko, a registered sex offender. Stanko's roommate John Horton said that Stanko, Amanda and Sapphire were on a road trip.

Stanko was nowhere to be found when police found Amanda and Sapphire Thursday.

There are puzzling questions why was Amanda's purse found tossed on the road with her credit cards and cash several miles from her Hamburg Township home? That was Tuesday morning after she and Sapphire disappeared. Why did Amanda leave her car parked in Ypsilanti? It was recovered by police. And how did Amanda and Sapphire get to Florida?

Police are talking to Amanda. She's not talking with her dad for now. He's okay with that as long as everyone is safe.