Police investigating Warren travel agent women are suing for canceled trips

Police are launching an investigation into a travel agent accused or ripping off not only two women from Warren but possibly many more.

After seeing this story on FOX 2 earlier this week, Warren police are now investigating NG Travel Agency, a man named Nephus Gayden and his wife for possible criminal charges.

"Some of these victims were thinking well I'll just sue them for our money back, not thinking that it's a crime," said Det. Donald Seidel.

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It started when 58-year-old Audrey Ridgell of Brownstown and 33-year-old Brittany Shavois of Detroit felt duped after shoveling out over $6,000 total to Nephus Gayden for a trip to Jamaica last November. The trip was canceled but the two women are still waiting for their refunds.

"He's telling everybody these excuses -- all the money is yours, it's coming, be patient," Audrey said.

 "He won't respond to a text, won't answer the phone -- nothing," Brittany said.

Warren police say since Tuesday, two more victims have come forward.

"All of the victims seem like they either knew him or had somebody that knew him," Seidel said. "They're trusting him because either they work with his family, they knew his family." 

Gayden told FOX 2 earlier this week that he "made a mistake" and made a bad investment. He says he isn't trying to hide from any of these people.

"The excuses he's given were one, he made bad investments. Number two was his mom was sick," Seidel said

And number three?

"He just doesn't have it. I don't have your money," Seidel said.

Warren police say with this Jamaica trip alone, they believe they have about 20 victims -- most that have paid at least $2,000 grand each - that's $40,000. 

But could there be even more victims out there? Warren police say yes, as they begin to investigate possibly two more fake trips over the last three years. One woman tells FOX 2 that she's thankful she changed her mind about a trip to Hawaii with coworkers through NG Travel several years ago.

"It was around 35 people. And they all paid around $3,500 apiece," said Antoinette Clark. "He never gave it back."

While two of the women are worried they won't get their money back, as court records show, Gayden has filed bankruptcy five times since 1993. Warren police say they're looking into larceny charges.

Anyone who may have been scammed by NG Travel is asked to call police.