Police look for driver who ran down geese in Clinton Twp

Clinton Township police are still looking for the driver who plowed into a flock of geese crossing the street and kept on going.
Those regularly driving by Gratiot and Wellington Crescent Boulevard are sad to see hundreds of feathers left from geese that were hit and killed.
"I was right there," said Lynn Anderson, a witness. "I saw the feathers flying. Everyone was horrified."

Witnesses tell Clinton Township police that Thursday during rush hour, the pack of roughly 40 geese seen in the area for years, were crossing the intersection.  That was when a driver  they say, decided not to wait.

"They just hit the gas and ran into the pack deliberately," Anderson said. "And then took off."

Four geese were killed, while Lynn Anderson says she stayed with another goose, bleeding, but still alive - until animal control arrived.

"His wing was broken," she said. "But they tell me now he had internal injuries and they had to put him down too."

Clinton Township police say a witness captured a license plate of the alleged driver in a photo, but say that Warren resident doesn't appear to be the suspect. 

Now investigators are still looking for who may have done this...

Animal control officers were out Friday to rescue the remaining geese.

"We know there's motorists that love seeing them," said Jeff Randazzo, Macomb County Animal Control chief.  "We don't want to have this situation again."

Many remain outraged by the incident.

"It really really pisses me off," said James Galen. "It  hurts."

Possible charges for that driver include include reckless driving and animal cruelty, police say.
"I think it shows that  people in our county are not going to tolerate animal cruelty," Randazzo said.

Animal control says it rescued about 10 of the 40 geese and they are working with the Department of Natural Resources to save the others and transport them to a farm.