Police: Missing boy may have been abducted

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Detroit police are looking for a 12-year-old boy that is reportedly missing, the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unclear.

Police say they were notified on Wednesday of a possible child abduction in 15900 block of E. Warren in Detroit.

Once officers arrived on scene, they were told that a child around the age of 12 years old came into the establishment with his hands handcuffed in front of him. 

Witnesses told police the young man had left the area before police arrived. The child indicated that he was playing with friends when he accidentally handcuffed himself, however, he later stated that he had been kidnapped.

The child left the location and was last seen walking in the area of Buckingham and East Warren. 

The child is described as a black male, wearing a dark colored shirt, beige pants and dark colored shoes with white soles.

Police are asking if anyone recognizes this young man or knows of his whereabouts, please contact Detroit Police's Fifth Precinct at 313-596-5500. There has not been any current reports of a missing child in the area nor has anyone come forward seeking police assistance in this matter.