Police need public's help to solve assault rifle double murder on Detroit's west side

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Two young men parked in their car at the intersection of Glastonbury and Trojan during the early morning hours of June 21, minding their own business.

That's when another car pulled up, and someone opened fire using an assault rifle, killing them both. Now investigators are trying to catch those responsible, and figure out the motive in Detroit's Most Wanted.

The families of Oliver Johnson and Trayvon Mills are seeking some kind of closure with the arrest of those responsible for shooting and killing these two men.

There is video of a dark colored car turning the corner at about 2:20 a.m. on June 21st, stopping where the victims were parked. The flashes you see are reflections of an assault rifle being fired at the two men.

"First, I heard a couple of hollers, some guys hollering at each other, and then I heard about 16 gunshots."

"There were about 24 casings recovered, so this was personal. So they wanted to get their target," said Det. Michael Crosby, Detroit Police Dept.

There is also video of Johnson and Mills pulling into a Coney Island at 8 Mile and Evergreen earlier in the evening. They picked up food and left.

Right now, investigators don't have a motive.

Neither men had criminal records, both worked full-time, and so far, no evidence of any altercations with anyone before they were killed.

"They were just hanging out. That's the way it appears. They had been together throughout the night and we're kind of finishing up their evening, went and got something to eat. There is nothing that stands out they were having problems with anyone that day," said Det. Crosby.

One mother is fed up with the violence in the neighborhood.

The shooting at the corner Glastonbury and Trojan happened only feet away from her home.

"Every summer there is always something going on, definitely on this corner, we're about to get away from here."

As you can imagine, this tragedy is still fresh. Right now, the two families are dealing with funeral arrangements and they are not up to speaking at this time. However if you have any information that can help investigators, give Detroit Police a call at 313-596-2260.