Police: Nephew killed aunt with barbell in Troy attack

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A Troy woman was found dead inside her home, killed with some kind of weight-lifting equipment Monday.

Police say the woman's 20-year-old nephew is to blame. A 911 call at 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon of a domestic situation brought Troy PD to a home off John R near Square Lake. 

"Upscale neighborhood, good people, well-rounded," said Capt. Bob Redmond. "The family had three houses kind of together, one on the other side of the lake. They are all family members all in the same area. There's never been any runs that we are aware of."

Police are told a 20-year-old nephew attacked his aunt, killing her with a barbell in a home on Shoreline. 

"We found her in the basement of the home," Redmond said. "He had escaped to the house next door."

Police say the suspect has family that owns two other homes in the same sub. Officers tracked him down but not for long. 

"He jumped out of the second story window and took off running," Redmond said. The next 90 minutes were spent looking for him in backyards and a nearby golf course. 

"Some of the officers walking around the area found a boot that he had been wearing with blood on it," Redmond said.

Meanwhile, four Troy schools were put on minimum lockdown as the school day was ending. 

"No one comes in, no one goes out, and all bus activity ceases at that time," said Officer John Julian, Troy PD school liaison officer.

With the help from police helicopter and patrols on the ground the suspect was eventually cornered and captured. 

"An officer found the guy hiding in the weeds and he was taken into custody without any incident," Redmond said.

The incident showed how domestic violence crimes like this can happen anywhere for any reason. 

"It's just an out of the blue incident. It got out of control," Redmond said.

Troy police say this is the first homicide to happen within the city limits since 2016.