Police Officers to unveil ice cream truck

Ice cream trucks are nostalgic, but they get a bad rap. The Oak Park police department is changing that image. The department is unveiling their own ice cream truck on May 22.

Through a generous donation initiative with several local businesses the department was able to create the ice cream truck.

Officers will be passing out 300 ice cream sandwiches for free each week during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Uniformed police officers will drive through the neighborhoods handing out  the ice cream sandwiches. 

The Ice Cream Truck will also attend all holiday and special events in the city with uniformed officers handing out free ice cream sandwiches.

Oak Park's police department is the only police department with an ice cream truck in the state of Michigan.

The Oak Park Public Safety Department said it is proud of it's efforts to help bridge the gap between the Police and the citizens of the community.

Oak Park is a predominantly African-American community with a mostly-white police force.