Police on alert for stranger danger reports in Dearborn Heights

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Another case of stranger danger near an elementary school in Dearborn Heights. This is the second case in the past few days -- and police think it involves the same man.

Some parents in the community are very worried as the man targeted another young boy near an elementary school but he too, did the right thing.

Shannon Donaldson, whose kids attend Dearborn Heights schools came home to this troubling phone message. It was an alert that someone had tried to lure an 8 year-old boy into his car again - this time near Polk Elementary.

"Everybody is just worried and wants to help find out who this is," she said.  "Someone is sick and we need to catch him."

Police believe the man described as white, with light brown hair, goatee and glasses driving possibly a silver or gray Chevrolet Malibu is the same man who tried to abduct two other 8 year-old boys on Tuesday near Bedford Elementary.

"This guy said come here your parents are in the hospital and he tried to get me in the car," said Julian Conrad. "I just ran to the van with my two brothers."

But young Julian knew his father was at work and his mom was in the van, so he immediately ran for help.

"Just to hear he did the right thing was the best thing to hear, and that District 7 Dearborn Heights is actually explaining to children what can happen," said Chad Conrad, his father.
"For it to take place and for it be my own son, is very scary thing."

"Our doors are always locked when we come out with the kids, there's always two of us to make sure we are not alone," said Pam Chambers who works at Polk. "We are very cautious here."

Police have picked up patrols and the district has been working to remind parents to talk to their children about the danger of talking to strangers and how to report suspicious incidents.

Investigators say they plan to flood the schools with patrols especially during pick up and drop off until the suspect is caught.

If you think you know who he is call Dearborn Heights police at (313) 277-6770.