Police: pool where father, toddler drowned was 3 to 5 feet deep

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Tragedy in Novi as a father and his young toddler drowned in an apartment complex pool Tuesday.

The two came to the pool, with no intention of going into the water.  They wanted to play poolside at 3 p.m. this afternoon but somehow the toddler fell into the water. His dad tried to save him but could not.

Their lifeless bodies were discovered floating in the pool and despite all efforts, neither of them survived.

Detectives removed a tricycle away from a tragic scene at The Glens of Northville apartment complex on the edge of Novi where a father and son were pulled from a pool at the complex.

The depth of that pool ranges from 3 to 5 feet, begging the question how did it happen. Police say there are many scenarios that could have led to the incident and need help narrowing it down.

"If anyone in the community happened to be in the pool area, or drove- or walked-by the pool today and saw a father and son playing by the pool, we want to talk to them, call Novi PD," said Assistant Chief Jerrod Hart, Novi police.

Witnesses tell police the 31-year-old and his 3-year-old son brought a number of toys poolside but had no intention of going in the water. They were just enjoying the early afternoon when somehow they both ended up in the pool.

The tragedy has left a mother and wife in unimaginable grief. The family is from India and other than his wife and mother, they have no other immediate relatives here. Police are still in the process of notifying family overseas.

Early reports were that the child and bike fell in the water.

"We are just wading through the reports and eyewitness interviews to see if the tricycle was in the pool or not," said Hart.

Management and staff has an office that overlooks the pool and somebody who works in that office looked out, saw them floating and called 911

911 call:

"You have two kids that are drowned in the pool," the caller said.

Operator: "Are they out of the water?"

"We are trying to get them out now," the caller said.

But it wasn't two kids, it was a father and son.

"Within 3 minutes we had police and fire staff on scene, and began lifesaving measures," Hart said. "At this time both of the victims were pulled out of the pool. Staff members had already started CPR. Our police and fire staff took over lifesaving efforts."

Police are not sure how long the two were in the water but life-saving measures were given for roughly an hour before they were both pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police wrapped up the investigation just before 8 p.m. saying there are no signs of anything other than a tragic accident.
Investigators said that once the two were discovered in the pool everyone did all they could to save them.