Police say suspect in Tech Center stabbing is victim's daughter

An employee at the General Motors Tech Center in Warren remains hospitalized after she was stabbed at work Wednesday.

Warren police are now confirming the suspect in the stabbing is the victim's daughter. They say the 32-year-old came into the lobby of the 8-story building in the center of the campus and askde to see 52-year-old Stephanie Kerr. The two met in the lobby and started talking but stepped outside when their conversation escalated.

The pair went outside and their argument continued. That's when police say the daughter pulled out a steak knife and stabbed her mother several times.

A nearby valet service supervisor heard the screams and intervened. Didarul Sarder has a license to carry and says he pulled out his gun and told the woman to drop the knife. The woman froze until police arrived and took her into custody.

Sarder says he was later escorted away for having his weapon on company property and that he was never informed of a no-gun policy.

GM officials, however, deny firing Sarder and said in a statement, "Because this is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment. However, we can say GM has not requested the valet be dismissed. To our knowledge the valet remains an employee of the vendor."