Police search for evidence in cold case murder on Detroit's east side

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Several local police agencies are searching for evidence related to a cold case murder on Detroit's east side.

Detroit Police, Michigan State Police, the ATF and FBI are all on the scene at Albion and Lappin on Detroit's east side.

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According to DPD, the search is related to a cold case homicide investigation and is happening in behind several homes in that area.

Homicide Captain Michael McGinnis told FOX 2 that they received information that there could be remains in the field related to a 2008 homicide. They're not sure if the source is credible but said they are doing due diligence to search the field.

Police were tipped off to the area but would not elaborate more on the tip. However, video from the scene showed a man in custody and in a jail jumpsuit walking with police. McGinnis did not say who that man was.

The only information police would provide about the victim is that he's a black man between the ages of 18 and 24. 

DPD is the lead department on the case with the other agencies assisting.

FOX 2 will have more information on the search as it comes in to the newsroom.