Police search for suspect who shot 14-year-old girl on east side

A teenage girl was shot Thursday afternoon on Detroit's east side as Montique Armour was wounded in the abdomen.

The shooter is still at large and no description has been made available.

"I heard like, four shots," said Patrika Wright, Montique's sister. 

Patrika was with her 14-year-old sister and seven others inside a house on Neff, two blocks south of Warren near Cadieux. 

Someone began firing from a car into the house. Patrika was in a back room of the house and ran to the front room to discovered her sister on the floor bleeding. 

I immediately called 911," Patrika said. "I saw the bullet had come out of her stomach."

Patrika explained to police the teenage girls met some guys at a party store and it led to an invitation. 

"The one who met the guy at the store and I guess she invited them to come over," Patrika said.

When the boys from the party store came to the house, other boys believed the teen girls were too young to be at a home with boys they had just met. 

"Basically it just comes down to this," said Capt. Mark Bliss of the Detroit Police Department. "We had some females at a party store, they met some males and followed them back to this location. There were some other individuals here that questioned the age of the males talking to the females. There were some shots fired.

"We're still putting this together, but one of the females got hit." 

Multiple yellow markers indicate shell casings discharged from a gun. Investigators are looking into whether there was one shooter or more.

Police are comparing shell casings with witness statements to find out the number of shooters and most importantly, to ID a shooter or shooters. 

Witnesses describe this as a drive-by shooting into the house.

"They were in a car, but they never pulled up in front of our house," Tamika. "They never got out a car there were four black men inside for sure."

One teen wounded but with eight in the house and the multiple gunshots, more people could have been hit.  Montique was rushed to St John Hospital in serious condition. 

"When I came out I didn't see a blood wound," Patrika said. "She rolled over herself and said her stomach hurt. She rolled and that's when I saw the blood. I looked and the bullet came out right here."

Patrika said that her sister was talking after the shooting. She said she does not know the shooter.

If you have any information call Detroit police at (313) 596-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAKUP.