Police search for suspects in a stolen pharmaceutical van

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A band of thieves take off with a van, hoping to get away with powerful prescription drugs and it's all caught on video.

This is a surveillance video overlooking a strip mall parking lot at the corner of Joy and Greenfield.

A busy afternoon, as shoppers go about their business at the pharmacy oblivious that criminals are also at work.

In the video, pay attention to the unmarked white van. Police say it’s a pharmaceutical delivery van.

As the driver goes in, he's followed by a man in a Lions jacket.

"He's the lookout. He comes over by the store to see where the driver is,” said Sgt. Robert Wellman of the Detroit Police Department.

While the men are inside, this black GMC Envoy gets into position next to the van.

The lookout comes out on the phone and the passenger of the Envoy gets out of his SUV into the driver’s seat of the van. The lookout becomes the passenger. Then, both vehicles leave.

Three criminals working together like a choreographed dance routine.

Police say it wasn't the first visit. They likely came here before to stalk their prey. Learning how long the driver of that delivery van takes to make his delivery, but the truth is they needed little time to commit their crime.

"It took them all about ten seconds to get in the van and drive away,” said Sgt. Wellman.

They didn’t get much this time.

"They just happened to have hit the van at the wrong time because they wound up getting no narcotics but they did get some over the counter stuff,” said Sgt. Wellman.

Chances are they'll be at it again.

"We are looking to get the person in the video identified and to get the investigation rolling from that point,” said Sgt. Wellman.

Police tell us these crimes come in waves and they want to break this one with your help.

"They can call HEAT which is an anonymous tip line at 1-800-242-HEAT,” said Sgt. Wellman.