Police searching for 3-year-old Vadalynn Owings taken by father

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Michigan State Police issued an endangered child alert for a missing 3-year-old, taken by her father. He may be driving his blue 2012 Dodge Journey with a Michigan license plate DCJ 4093 and missing a front bumper.

His ex-girlfriend told police he was abusive just before the abduction.  The little girl has been missing since early Sunday morning, after a very disturbing home invasion at the mother's home.

"He sat on the edge of my bed and said 'We're going to figure this all out tonight,'" Alexandra Wilhelme, mother of the missing girl. "'Either we're going to be together or it's over.'"

Alexandra Wilhelme is the heartbroken mother of 3-year-old Vadalynn Mayjean Owings of Holly. Police believe her father 26-year-old Brent Alan Owings took Vadalynn and fled town, after allegedly assaulting Alexandra.

The two have been broken up for a couple years, but never made a legal custody plan. Alexandra says they were cordial but Owings had been acting weird the last few weeks, before breaking into her family's home at 3 a.m.

"He turned and said 'You created this monster' and started choking me," Wilhelme said.

Brent Owings also told her "If I can't have my family, no one will," according to Alexandra, who managed to get away.

"Hearing my daughter come running, screaming, it's a sound a mother never wants to hear," said Windy Marion, missing girl's grandmother. "And she just kept saying 'He's going to kill me he's going to kill me.'"

Vadalynn had been staying the night at Owings' mother's house in downtown Holly when the assault took place.

"He's not a stable person and I just worry about her safety," Marion said.

"Just in the state of mind he's in, what (is) he going to do,

Shortly after, they both disappeared in his blue 2012 Dodge Journey that has a missing front bumper. Vadalynn is described as 2 feet, 6 inches, weighing 30 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

"She brings so much laughter into this house," Marion said. "Just her little personality. Such a spitfire."

The family sick with grief, will do anything just to know Vadalynn is safe.

"Drop her off somewhere, a hospital, we don't care," said Marion. "We just want her."

OUT: Michigan state police saying the only reason this is not an amber alert yet, is because this suspect is this girl's father. So far, investigators been unsuccessful at tracking Owings on his cell phone. If you have any information, call 911 or Michigan State Police at its Metro North office of 313-237-2450.

UPDATE: Vandalynn was found safe Tuesday morning at her grandparent's home. Her father is in custody right now on unrelated charges. You can read more here...