Police seek trio for two carjackings in same night

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Two carjackings on the same night and police say the same suspects were responsible.

Police are betting that very clear video images plus bright, identifiable clothing will lead to someone recognizing them.

"Anyone who has any knowledge who they are, will know from picture," said Sgt. Robert Wellman of Detroit police's Help Eliminate Auto Theft taskforce.

Bright orange and bright red, that’s what two of three alleged criminals decided to wear when they carjacked two separate Detroit drivers the night of May 14.

"They did two in one night, they weren't fearful going out doing crimes," Wellman said.

Good old police work helped police link the carjackings. 

Wellman says the trio first went after a lost plumber who pulled over for help near Thatcher and Gilchrest. Armed with a black semi-automatic weapon, they forced him out of the vehicle and stole his 2004 silver Impala.

Two hours later, they did the same to a person who pulled into their driveway near Ewald Circle and Davison. The victims were able to describe the carjackers, who police believe used the stolen cars to commit a series of breaking and entering incidents - then went there to set it on fire.

"A car pulls up gentleman described carjackings get out go off frame into field flash of flame in background get car and leave

Police searched area gas station surveillance video and sure enough caught the same guys buying gas to torch they used to torch the stolen Dart sedan.

Wellman wants anyone who recognizes the culprits to call police or 1-800-242-HEAT before they strike again.

"It appears as if it was a one-day incident where they did something all at one time," Wellman said. "It doesn't look like we have anything else connected to them at this point. But we would like to get them in custody because guns were used to commit the crimes."

If your tip to HEAT leads to the arrest of the suspects, you will get a $2,000 reward.