Police shooting, standoff in Superior Twp. happened after suspect also shot at lawn worker

Residents of a condo community in Superior Township still can't believe their quiet community felt and sounded like a battleground Wednesday after a deputy was hurt in a shooting that led to an hours-long standoff with police. 

"It just sounded almost like a firecracker. I just saw police officers running and the squat team coming. I was scared that maybe he was going to shoot one of us," said one neighbor, Brady Cook. 

But instead, one of those bullets hit a responding deputy who taken to a nearby hospital and has since been released.

Michigan State Police, who's leading the investigation, described what lead to the gunfire. Another neighbor named Greg told FOX 2 he heard dozens of shots.  

"A lawn worker was outside cutting grass when, at some point in time, the suspect came outside on his back porch. There came a point in time where I believe some rocks were thrown by the suspect. At another point the suspect pulled out a gun and shot at the lawn maintenance worker but did not strike him," said Michigan State Police Lt. Brian Oleksyk. 

The suspect has been identified as Nathan Hardenburg.

"Private guy and rather standoffish. When you'd say hello he'd very rarely say hello back," said Greg. 

But Hardenburg made his voice heard in other ways like his Twitter account, where he posted in his bio, "My family are racist then found out we're really Jewish, I'm Petefont, now they lie and say I'm crazy but DNA test proves I'm not lying, I need legal help... ."

His last post was Sept. 14 where he posted a link to an article about the Dakotas leading the US in virus growth as both have rejected mask rules, saying, "Deepy Racist Dakotas lead US in virus growth as both reject mask rules."

The investigation is ongoing but documents show a harassment complaint report filed with the sheriff's office earlier this year after an incident between Hardenburg and a neighbor.

As police responded to the scene Wednesday, Hardenburg barricaded himself inside his condo.

The standoff came to an end nearly nine hours later when law enforcement made entry. Initial reports were that Hardenburg died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound but MSP says it's too early to make that conclusion.