Police: Snellville homeowner shoots, kills intruder

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Authorities are investigating a deadly shooting involving a homeowner and an intruder early Friday morning. The shooting happened before 4 a.m. at a home off Hadley Place in Gwinnett County.

Investigators said Willie and Ann Wofford woke up to sounds of someone trying to break into their home. The husband called 911, grabbed his firearm and when he walked into the master bathroom of the house, he found 25-year-old Michael Silva climbing into the window. According to police, that's when the husband opened fire.

The couple's adult son told Fox5 the deadly encounter had shaken up his parents.

"This guy took a ladder out of my parents’ pool she'd and took that ladder and laid it against the house and went into the second floor bathroom window. When my stepfather heard the noise, he got up and had to stop him," Michael Cargill told Fox5.

The homeowner told investigators he wasn't sure at the time if he had struck the man.  Police CONFIRMED Silva used a ladder to enter the backside of the house.

Officers arrived and found Silva dead on the sloping roof.

"It appears they are well within their rights of using deadly force to protect their home," Corporal Deon Washington told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor.

The couple told police they didn't know Silva.

Authorities don't anticipate any charges being filed against the Wofford's.