Police still searching for killer of 40-year-old Douglas Thornton

A man gundowned in his own home last December and police are still searching for answers.

"Why our home? Why him? Why not leave us alone in the first place?" said Ebony Williams.

The mother of the children who were in the house at the time, Williams was the girlfriend of 40-year-old Douglass Thornton, who was killed After someone broke into the family's house on Provost, between Grand River and School Craft on Detroit's west side. 

At around 3:30 in the morning, Thornton went to check out what he thought was someone breaking into his house. That's when he was shot and bled out with is kids and girlfriend watching.

"I miss my dad. It wasn't fair and we're going to find the people who did it," said one of his kids.

Shortly after the tragedy, family, friends and neighbors rallied on Provost and passed out fliers in hope of finding someone who may know something about the killer.

"We refuse to be silent," said Gerald Miller, a father. "We will not allow evil. We will not allow murder that plagues our society. Suffering needs a voice."

A long time friend of Thornton begged for anyone who knew anything to speak up.

"You need to speak up," said Corey Boyd. "All this, 'I ain't snitching,' this is beyond snitching. You killed a man inside of a home with his family. If you need something, you need to speak up."

CrimeStoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. That number to call is 1-800-SPEAK-UP. You will remain anonymous.