Police tow green Escort after woman intentionally run over on Detroit street

A 23-year-old woman intentionally hit and left for dead on a Detroit street is at home recovering.

It's hard to believe Shaina Sarnowsky, of Melvindale, was able to walk away after someone inside a green Ford Escort hit her Sunday morning, dragging her body several feet. She showed us her injuries Tuesday night. 

"I'm not going to let them get the last laugh. I'm going to live and I'm going to take them and put them away, like they need to be," she said. 

She says it all started when two women in a car started calling her a hooker and flipping her off as she was walking out of a store. Shaina says she just shrugged it off and got in her car to go to the VFW post in southwest Detroit, where she was planning to volunteer. That's when she noticed, though, that the Escort was following her.  

Shaina says when she got out of the car to go into the hall, someone from the Escort threw a coffee at her. Shaina went out into the street -- and surveillance video shows the driver turning around and accelerating straight towards Shaina. 

You can see the surveillance video in the video player above. A warning, though, that some might find the images of Shaina's injuries disturbing.

"Next thing I remember after that is being dragged under the car, spinning, spinning, spinning. My hair's being ripped out. As soon as they pulled off I jumped up," she remembers. "It was so surreal, it feels like it didn't happen. And then I saw my hair; it looked like a big tumbleweed in the street."

She says she didn't realize how badly she was hurt right away since her adrenaline had kicked in. 

The two women are still on the loose, but the car was found Tuesday night. Detroit Police confirm a Ford Escort matching the description was towed and is being processed for evidence. 

Shaina says she has no idea who the women are and that she's never seen that car before. She says she knows she was hit intentionally because she could hear the driver laughing after she got hit. The windows were rolled down. 

Shaina had to have surgery for a head injury, and says that she'll be okay. 

"Now I'm just praying for a speedy recovery. Karma will come back to them; no doubt about it."