Police try to identify east side home invader suspects caught on camera

A string of break-ins is scaring neighbors in normally quiet neighborhoods of Grosse Pointe.

Take a look at two men captured on surveillance camera buying Band-Aids at the CVS store at Warren and Mack.

They were fresh from a break-in on Bishop in Grosse Pointe Park early Friday morning, where the guy in the white shirt - cut his right hand and was bleeding badly.

"They got cut in the first one, got Band-Aids and went to another one," said David Hiller, Grosse Pointe Park chief. "They are very brash, very bold; we want to stop them as quickly as we can."

They bought Band-Aids and then police say they were on their way to the next location on University in the city of Grosse Pointe at 4:30 a.m. A homeowner had just returned from walking his dog when he heard someone at his back door.

"He went to the back door, confronted the subject at the door and chased him for a short period," said Chief Stephen Poloni, Grosse Pointe public safety. "The subject got in a vehicle and drove away."

Investigators found blood and other evidence at both scenes their investigation led them to the 24-hour CVS.

"He went there, talked to the staff and they said one of the suspects was cut," Hiller said.

CVS turned over a photo of both suspects. Though they did not get into the house on University, police say they did steal jewelry from the home on Bishop - no one was home at the time.

Now police are looking to put both men behind bars they are asking for the public's help and reminding residents to take safety precautions and lock their doors.

"These are bad guys, they're out there and we need them to tell us who they are," said Hiller.

The suspect in the white shirt also walks with a slight limp.

Anyone with information should call Grosse Pointe Park police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.