Police watchdog group demanding answers in deadly officer shooting

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New details are released about the suspect shot and killed by police on Detroit's west side on Monday.

Detroit Police Chief, James Craig said "There was a struggle, a shot was fired and the suspect succumbed to his injuries."

The struggle happened on Otsego and Webb.

The victim is identified as 19-year-old Raynard Burton of Detroit. 

According to police there was a struggle for the officers gun after Burton was approached at a traffic stop and then lead police on a foot chase.

Now a police watchdog group is demanding a stepped up police investigation.

"Let's not play games. We need to know this officer's name before a charging decision. We need to know who this officer is." said Kenneth Reed with Detroit coalition against police brutality.

"He says his department is transparent.  Well let's see."

It is a message to Chief Craig to get to the bottom of this investigation despite an internal Detroit police investigation.

"The agency that's involved is investigating itself. That's a big concern to us." said, Reed.

And that's not all.

"The officer definitely needs to be drug tested."

Questions still remain as to why Burton ran from police. Detroit police say they are continuing their investigation, but all agree and express sympathy to the family.