Police: Woman kills father, overdoses in Pontiac

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Two bodies, one crime - a father and daughter found dead inside a Pontiac home.

Investigators say the woman attacked her father with a knife, then killed herself.

Walter Heil, 57, was stabbed to death in the basement and his daughter, Katty Heil, 31, found next to needles and drugs.

Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said they believe the father and daughter got into a physical confrontation.

"She stabbed him multiple times, he died in the basement," McCabe said. "And she went upstairs and shot up some drugs and died as a result of that."

It is not clear what day Walter was killed. He was last seen by co-workers at his job at Akzo Noble in Pontiac on Monday.

Deputies were sent to his house here on Central Avenue for a welfare check Wednesday morning, and we're told by Heil's 54-year-old wife, that everything was fine.

"Something was not adding up," McCabe said. "So went to the house a second time and didn't get a response. Deputies forced entry into the house at that time where they discovered the woman who previously had come to the door, in a wheelchair, sitting on the floor."

McCabe said the woman is physically disabled, appears to have a mental illness and had no idea her husband and daughter, Katty, had died.

"The medical examiner has ruled the death of the father a homicide," McCabe said. "And we're waiting for a final report on what the cause of death was for the daughter."

The evening before the bodies were found, neighbors say Katty was knocking on doors, asking for money.

"I knew she used drugs," said Jim Austin, who lives next door. "... That was all the time. She always had some excuse for money."

"I talked to her a couple of times, she had a couple bad habits," said Bryan Dewberry.  "She had health issues."

Neighbors also knew something had gone wrong when they noticed something out of the norm. Katty was driving Walter's trailblazer. It was taken in as evidence.

"He had his hands full taking care of his sick wife and her being on drugs," Austin said. "She was supposed to be her mom's caretaker."

Deputies took the surviving woman to the hospital for treatment.