Political event with AR-15 giveaway in Brownstown causes concern after Texas shooting

At first glance, it looks like a typical flyer for a candidate meet and greet event in Brownstown Township  - but look closer and you see a giveaway in bright red letters. In smaller print it says "Enter to win a Radical Fire Arms AR-15."

The June 5th candidate event and the gun giveaway were planned long before the Texas shooting. But the flyer which is now circulating on social media in light of the deadly mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, is not sitting well with some.

Comments were left like, "Disgusting but not surprising. Completely disrespectful to the families of Uvalde" and, "No words ... unbelievable!"

State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-23rd District) echoes those sentiments.

"I just found that appalling and shocking that people would seek to give out a weapon that was used in many mass shootings," he said.

Including the latest one this week when 19 elementary school children were shot and killed along with two staff members just west of San Antonio.

The organization in charge of the event, Michigan Leadership Group, is located on Telegraph in Brownstown Township. It is a nonprofit organization whose objective is to build strong conservative leadership in southeast Michigan. The group’s website says - its fundamental principles are God, family and county.

The organization declined to speak to FOX 2 on camera, but one of the founders told us that while their hearts go out to the people of Texas, they are holding what they say is a lawful event, with several candidates running for state representative, State Senate and U.S. Congress.

"I call on all these candidates who might be attending this event to denounce it, to apologize to the victims in Texas, as well as to the families here in Michigan, for being so offensive," Camilleri said.

The June 5th event organizer says there are no plans to cancel, but is open to discussing with others running the event about whether to continue the AR-15 giveaway.