Pontiac girlfriend charged in murder helped search for victim, offered $10K reward, family says

The family of Lanard Curtaindoll, the 41-year-old man found dead in a field last month, says his own girlfriend went to extreme measures to cover her involvement in his murder.

Last month a film crew stumbled across the body of Curtaindoll during a shoot in a wooded area of Pontiac - five months after he went missing. On Monday, Curtaindoll's girlfriend, Lakeisha Hawkins, and her father, Kenneth Hawkins, were both charged with his murder. 

"There was an altercation, the father came in on it, didn't like what he saw," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard on Monday.

That altercation was in November and Curtaindoll was reported missing. Six months later, his sister, Angel Parker, is still trying to put the pieces together and say there's much more not being told about his murder.

"We're not supposed to be going through this. We're not supposed to feel this hurt, ever. I don't wish this on nobody. Nobody," Parker said. "Whatever happened in that club, he didn't deserve that. He deserve to be dumped out here like this."

Bouchard said on Nov. 25th Curtaindoll was in a fight with his girlfriend Lakeisha Hawkins inside a Pontiac club on Edison and Chamberlain streets.

Body found in Pontiac woods ID'd as man missing since November

Curtaindoll's family says Lakeisha was not his girlfriend but said the two were seeing each other, despite both of them seeing other people.

His brother, Nylaji Curtaindoll, Lakeisha was more like a stalker than a girlfriend.

"'That girl been stalking my bro. That girl is very, very hateful," Nylaji said.

The sheriff says Lanard and Lakeisha were arguing in the club when Kenneth walked in and shot him in the chest. Then the father-daughter duo dumped his body. But Nylaji and Angel aren't buying that.

"I think it was her," Angel said.

"I think the daddy is covering for the daughter. Period. Bottom line," Nylaji agreed.

His siblings say the very next day, Lakeisha told them that he had pistol-whipped her. Lanard was known to have a temper and had a history of domestic violence.

"He did hit women. I'm not gonna lie and dispute that - but he didn't beat that woman. That woman came to my niece and my sister's house the next day," Angel said.

The most disgusting part, the family says, is that after he was reported missing, Lakeisha showed up to help search for him.

"She is just a sick person. She's a sick individual. She picked us up, passed out flyers, drove us around," Angel said.

They also said she offered a $10,000 reward to find him and even sat at the vigil the family held for him.

Kenneth has been charged with five counts including open murder and could get life in prison. Lakeisha is charged with carrying away a human body and accessory after the fact - she could get ten years.

"Y'all see her face? Ain't no tears in that woman's face face. Ain't no pain in her eyes," Nylaji said. "Y'all some vindictive people bruh, y'all need to rot in hell for life."