Pontiac man, daughter arrested in murder of her boyfriend

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Kenneth and Lakeisha Hawkins.

A Pontiac man and his daughter are in jail for the death of her boyfriend.

Last month a film crew stumbled across the body of Lanard Curtaindoll during a shoot in a wooded area of Pontiac - five months after he went missing.

Charged with his murder is 49-year-old Kenneth Hawkins facing five counts including open murder, carrying away of a human body and felony firearm.

Hawkins' daughter, 34-year-old Lakeisha Hawkins - who was on the run since her father's arrest - is now also in custody according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

"There was an altercation, the father came in on it, didn't like what he saw," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Bouchard says last November Curtaindoll's family reported him missing, creating flyers and organizing searches to find him.
"Family members said he hadn't called or shown up lately," Bouchard said.

On April 24, the independent film crew noticed a foul odor near Lake Street and Gillespie Avenue and found Curtaindoll's body covered in branches.

Police say the branches had been piled over his body to hide it, with a single gunshot wound to his chest.

Police said that after the discovery, more details surrounding Curtaindoll's disappearance and death began to emerge. 

They said on Nov. 25th Curtaindoll was seen in a fight with his girlfriend Lakeisha Hakins inside a Pontiac club on Edison and Chamberlain streets that she owned.

"The father of the girlfriend comes in, the victim turns around and takes one shot to the chest," Bouchard said.

Police say Kenneth Hawkins, who has prior convictions of assault, then dumped Curtaindoll's body with the help of his daughter, Lakeisha. Kenneth was arrested but Lakeisha had been on the run since.
"Apparently her lawyer said she was going to turn herself in," Bouchard said.

That didn't happen and the sheriff's Fugitive Apprehension Team found her Monday afternoon at one of her rental homes. Lakeisha Hawkins has now been charged for her involvement in hiding Curtaindoll's body. She's expected in court Tuesday.