Pontiac man says his house is a bullseye for car accidents

A Pontiac man says a change in traffic flow through his neighborhood has put his house in the path of speeding cars.

The house has been in the same place for 100 years on University Drive in Pontiac. It's been in the same family since 1960, but there's a problem.

"We keep getting hit by cars in the middle of the night," says Sandra Ferrell.

That intersection is a shortcut from M-59 Huron Street to University Drive. It was reconfigured in a T shape around 2005.

"People come flying up there past the T and end up in my yard," says Steven Ferrell.

That's despite the speed limit being between 25 and 35.

Over the years, the Ferrells' truck was hit, $25,000 worth of damage,the outside wall and their home.

"My blood pressure is increasing.  My cardiologist is putting me up on a fourth medication," says Steven. "I can't get sleep or rest."

Stop signs were hit just two weeks ago. 

"Should I get a lawyer?  I don't know what to do," says Steven

FOX 2 spoke to Pontiac's Mayor, Deirdre Waterman. She says she takes all citizens complaints seriously and, because of our story, she will personally take a look at this one.

  But the owners have some suggestions.

"Maybe a flashing red light overhead would help," says Steven.

Sandra, his wife, said:"They should put rumble strips to warn people to slow down. You're going too fast."

The mayor has ordered greater police surveillance to enforce the traffic laws already on the books.

"Pontiac is my home. I love my city but I wish my city would work with us," says Steven.