Pontiac non-profit helps thousands of families in need

Eisha Branner knows what her community needs and she is taking matters into her own hands.

A lifelong Pontiac resident, Branner helps a thousand underserved families a month through her non-profit – E-Community Outreach Services

The non-profit offers programs and resources to children and parents. They also provide free items like shoes, blankets, clothing, household items, and other necessities.

Branner emphasized that the people of Pontiac need "support, more than anything."

"Understanding, opportunities, jobs – Like the basic things really," she continued. "I want to empower, educate, and engage with families by providing wrap around support and programs."

E-Community was initially established in Branner's kitchen shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. She has organized basketball fundraisers and events that show appreciation for families. 

Over time, the non-profit expanded to include four offices throughout Pontiac. Branner's efforts have also led to a partnership with Amazon.

"There are a lot of disadvantaged people, so to be able to connect them to some form of help, give them some form of hope and let them know that there are ways and resources, that they can uplift themselves, and have us uplift them as well. It's definitely heartwarming," said Sharon Brooks, the family service coordinator.

According to the 2020 census, nearly a third of Pontiac households live in poverty – below the median household income of $36,000.

 Broanner is growing her outreach beyond her home community, as she is currently in the midst of opening an office in Lansing.

"I feel like I am in my purpose," Branner said. "I love what I do."

For more information on E-Community Outreach Services, visit their website.