Pontiac partners with Honor Health to vaccinate more residents against COVID-19

The city of Pontiac has partnered with Honor Health to help get more residents vaccinated against COVID-19.

"There is such great joy and relief when people get the vaccine, so we have been really working with the state so that when they get the vaccine we get it," said Deb Brinson, the CEO of Honor Health.

Honor Health has already vaccinated more than 2,500 people over the past five weeks.

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The partnership will create more places people can get the vaccine in addition to Oakland County's sites. 

Honor Health has multiple locations in and near Pontiac. Brinson said they will be able to get vaccines to at-risk groups who may not feel comfortable going to mass vaccination sites.

"The thing we are all working on is to make sure people get vaccinated as quickly as possible," said Pontiac's mayor, Deirdre Waterman.

To reserve a spot for a vaccine from Honor Health, click here.

The county also has a website where you can save your spot to receive your vaccine. Click here to reserve your place.