Popeyes ownership responds after viral videos expose filth at Detroit store

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A Popeye's worker exposed filthy conditions at an east side location in Detroit by posting videos online. 

Cell phone video of roaches, maggots and unsanitary conditions prompted the Detroit Health Department to pay a visit to the store on Gratiot and Seven Mile.

The video was recorded by an employee who claims to have brought these conditions to the attention of management but felt ignored, so she posted it online and it went viral.

FOX 2 saw an exterminator and several Popeyes employees inside the closed restaurant Tuesday. Detroit police were also at the scene to keep the onlookers moving. 

A cleaning crew remained on scene most of the afternoon, while Popeyes media relations released this statement:

"Food safety and quality is always a top priority for the Popeyes brand. The Franchisee who owns and operates this location has worked with local health officials to ensure that the restaurant is thoroughly sanitized and safe. At this time, the restaurant is fully operational after passing all health inspections."

Despite the statement from ownership, cones were placed in the parking lot and the doors were locked at least for the night. 

"You've got to shut the store down, get the news out here and everything just to get it cleaned up," said Janel McCloud. "That's not right."

McCloud works at a different Popeyes in Detroit but eats at this location from time to time. Last week she saw first-hand just some of what was recorded on video. 

"What I saw was roaches," McCloud said. "When I went to the restroom to wash my hands before I ate and stuff like that. I saw roaches and I saw them when I was ordering."

And she says this isn't the first time the bugs have been spotted inside. 

"It has been like this for a while," McCloud said. "Because my little sister used to work here and she said they had roaches and stuff like that."

You can watch the videos below but please be advised that they contain adult language: