Popular Basil Babe pop-up opening restaurant in former Ypsilanti Hamburger Mary's, Tower Inn space

(Photo: Basil Babe on Facebook)

A pop-up known around the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area is getting its own restaurant.

Basil Babe, run by mother and daughter duo Haluthai and Vasanna Inhmathong, has gathered a strong following with pop-ups featuring Thai cuisine. Basil Babe just started a residency at the HOMES Brewery Campus in Ann Arbor and was regularly at Cultivate in Ypsilanti before the coffee shop closed earlier this year

Those places are just a few spots where the Inhmathongs have served up their popular fare.

It was revealed Tuesday that a brick-and-mortar location is opening in the former Hamburger Mary's and Tower Inn space on Cross Street in Ypsilanti.

Earlier this year, Hamburger Mary's opened with a menu that featured both Mary's and Tower Inn favorites, but it closed suddenly in October. The signs recently came down, with Basil Babe's going up.

"I was born & raised in Ypsilanti by hardworking, loving, and dedicated immigrant parents. They owned a restaurant, Siam Square, until I graduated from EMU in 2018. I grew up in their kitchen as well as so many of my friends that they’ve invited in with open arms. My life has always revolved around food, family, and my community. Basil Babe is and will always be a family business," Haluthai wrote in a post announcing the restaurant.

The restaurant is expected to open soon at 701 W. Cross Street.