Popularity of selling plasma for gas money spreads, as prices soar

As the price of gas and consumer goods reach record highs, many consumers are forced to dig deep and deeper in their wallets - but their supply of money is limited.

"Twenty dollars is the new $5 in the tank," said Kemika King. "I’m a nurse and they still don’t pay the proper amount of money but we still have to live and need to get gas."

That has many Metro Detroiters looking for an easy way to earn extra money and some have found plasma donations a solution.

"We are seeing our numbers and collections go up a lot right now," said Dr. Jennifer Hanes.

Hanes is the division medical director for CSL Plasma which is based in several states, including Michigan.

"We do hear people talking about how much they really appreciate being able to have that reloadable card at the end of every donation, the donor has a card and money is put on that card," Hanes said.

What you earn to donate is based on several factors, including the state you live in and how many times you donate.

"A person can donate plasma up to two times per week so how much they make in that month, depends on how much they donate, and it can be very significant and it has helped a lot of families in the area," she said.

"It definitely helps because the gas definitely has been going up and up," said Sean Estes.

FOX 2: "How much have you collected so far?"

"So far, I've made $225," Estes said.

"The $50 they do give, we put the whole thing in the gas tank and it helps me go back and forth to work," said King.

Those who participate in the donation process say it helps them help others.  And that means earning money to potentially save lives.

"Plasma is the goldish-colored liquid in the blood once red blood cells are removed," Hanes said. "The plasma that is collected, is used to make therapies to help people with serious and rare diseases."

To learn more about the process go to cslplasma.com

"I appreciate it definitely a good way to make money for a lot of people," Estes said.