Potholes pile up in Clinton Twp neighborhood

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If the temperatures don't convince you it's almost spring, maybe another sure sign of the season will - potholes.

They are being spotted all over town, including Clinton Township where neighbors are calling on the Problem Solvers to help with their crumbling street.

Those in the Cimarron neighborhood have been waiting for eight years for some real repairs, only to see some fresh patch deepen the mosaic minefield that dots their drive in and out.

Three years ago some fed up with the problem went to the Macomb County Road Commission who offered to pay half the repairs - up to $2 million to fix the roads.

The neighborhood would have to pay the rest, an estimated $5,000 per household spread out over 10 years.

Over three years, they collected the petitions but when they went to cash in on the deal. They were told due to rising construction prices the cost had doubled.

"They came back and said that they made a mistake," said resident Chuck Grech.

The director of the road commission didn't want to go on camera, do an interview but said the original estimate was wrong and he understands people are frustrated but they will have to gather the petitions again and pay double if they want any real change.
"Ain't nothing we can do," said Pete Grippe. "We're stuck."