Power lifting equipment trailer stolen from Livonia gym

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A trailer filled with powerlifting equipment was stolen from the owners of a Livonia gym.

Now these muscle-bound business buffs have a message for the crooks.

These tough guys used to pulling cars and tossing tires are feeling violated Friday. They discovered their trailer full of strongman equipment was stolen.

"We had it all locked up with a ball hitch and a Master lock on the lever," said Matt Pionk. "And it ended up disappearing on Saturday."

Friends with this private gym's owner,  Matt Pionk who runs his business next door says his trailer was parked behind the office building on Newburgh and Schoolcraft in Livonia.

But Saturday the 16-foot trailer was gone and their surveillance camera did not capture any of it.

"We think possibly they scrambled the signal," Pionk said.

Pionk said the trailer had power lifting and strongman equipment inside, including a 100-foot rope, a yoke and a flat weight bench - all worth about $1,500.

"The trailer is already a $7,500 trailer," Pionk said.

Pionk added the equipment was going to be used for a competition this weekend and the trailer, for a fundraiser next week.

"When people steal stuff like that I don't think they fully understand how they're affecting other people," said Shane Rickman, co-owner of Strength Depot.

"We have some very angry big guys who want their stuff back," Pionk said.

Pionk said that when he called police he learned recently six trailers have been stolen in the same area.

Cycle to Fitness posting on Facebook they had a trailer stolen last week. Pionk says these thieves seem to be experienced.

"Cycle to Fitness had three cameras on their trailer and they all went down at the same time."

Pionk says he's out about $9,000 and is asking everyone to be on the lookout for his trailer.

"Please just return it, no questions asked," he said. "We just want the trailer back."