Prankster pours gas can liquid on family's car at station

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Stacey Razo and her 2-year-old daughter never go alone to the Kroger gas station on Dix at Southfield, which has been known for trouble.

"My husband is pumping gas and I'm in the driving seat, our daughter is in the back," she said. "I look up there's a man charging the front end of our car with a red gas can and he starts dousing the front end with some liquid."

"I think we just both paused in terror for a second and I looked at her and I said 'Go,'" Jason Razo said.

They were afraid the man was trying to set their car on fire. They made it safely to another nearby business and immediately called police.

"I didn't know I wasn't sticking around to see if he had a match so I floored it," Stacey said. 

"She took off moved right toward him don't know how we didn't hit him," Jason said.

But in the meantime they watched the same guy pour a clear liquid on the cashier station and other cars.

Stacey said she was feeling sheer panic.

"I'm thinking of my daughter who is in the car not just myself," she said. "Everyone thought it was gas, it was a red gas can."

It turned out it wasn't gasoline. Minutes later Lincoln Park police showed up and determined the liquid to be water.

And all of the chaos created because of a cruel prank.

"It's stupid," Jason said. "I'm all for a good prank (but) you have to consider the consequences of what you are doing."

Jason watched the suspect run back to his blue Ford sedan and take off.

But after the scene cleared, FOX 2 has learned the prankster came back later Tuesday night and did it all over again."

Gas station clerk Dan Moran was working and watching from the window at the time.

"I saw the guy run back." Moran said. "He said 'It's a prank, it's a prank' and ran away.

"He's probably just being stupid (making) a YouTube (movie)."

Police say it appears to be a bad joke, but no one here is laughing. Especially since officers told the Razos they aren't pursuing the case since it was just water.

The Razos want to warn others before this prank turns deadly.

"I want to get the word out there," Jason said. "If he's doing this it's not funny, be mindful of your surroundings, someone could get hurt."