Prayer vigil held for Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon as he fights COVID-19

It was a prayer vigil on Sunday for Wayne County Sheriff, Benny Napoleon, who is now on a ventilator as he continues his fight against COVID-19. 

"Ultimately, he was an intricate part in deciding to go on the ventilator because he wanted to do anything necessary to get him well," said Sheriff Napoleon's daughter, Tiffani Jackson. 

Sheriff Napoleon is still able to breathe on his on, but his daughter said the ventilator is allowing his body to rest, so it can heal. 

The prayer vigil took place in front of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. It was a chance for people to come together and lean on each other. 

"We needed this," said Wayne County Sheriff's Office Chief of Staff, Michael Turner. "It's been a difficult year in the agency. We have 3 deputies, a commander die this year from the COVID virus."

And more than 200 deputies have tested positive for the virus since last March.

So many people within the sheriff's office have been there, they understand, to some extent, what the sheriff is going through.

"My heart is just so full," Tiffani said. "I'm overwhelmed by all the support."

"He's been serving the community for 47 years," Michael said. "He has left an indelible mark and he's tremendously loved, not just by this agency but in this community, in this state and around the country."