Pregnant teen victim: Abduction, rapes lasted for five hours

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A  pregnant 17-year-old Detroit teen on her way to school is attacked and raped inside an abandoned home.

Police are still searching for the man responsible.

"He started praying saying he was sorry he did this to me and asking me to forgive him.” said the victim.

"He asked can he give me a hug,” said the victim.

The victim said the perpetrator tried apologizing after kidnapping her and then raping her at least six times.

He was threatening to kill her for nearly five hours.

"He kept telling me the same thing; Shut up. Shut up. I'm going to kill you if you scream. Do as I say,” said the victim.

The mother of this 17-year-old Detroit girl says Tuesday she prays this new sketch will help catch the man who attacked her daughter.

"Put his picture out there, somebody knows who you are. You're going to get caught. Somebody is going to catch you,” said the victim’s mother.

Her daughter says around 6:30 in the morning of October 7th, on her way to catch the city bus to school which is near Hawthorne and 7 mile, the man grabbed her from behind while she was on her cell phone talking to her boyfriend.

"All I was trying to do was get away but he had me in a chokehold,” said the victim.

The petite teen says the heavyset black man appearing to be in his 50s, was wearing a baseball cap, a gray jogging suit and old air max gym shoes. He picked her up and then dragged her behind a building.

"The first thing I thought don't kill her, I was leaving voicemails to please let her go,” said the victim’s mother.

The teen says the man then forced her into what appeared to be an old, silver Chrysler 300 with blue, tinted windows. Then, he raped her again before taking her to the upstairs bedroom of an abandoned home on West Hildale. 

“He slapped me in the abandoned house. Why? Because he said I talked too much,” said the victim.

The teen says the man had a deep voice and seemed to know his way around the home. She says he was prepared with latex gloves and dish soap.

"He raped me with that stuff and he's familiar with this house and comfortable,” said the victim.

As he kept threatening to kill her she says she tried to tell him she was three months pregnant, but says that didn't stop him from slapping her, and raping her again and again.

Worried about her baby, the whole time she stayed calm. The teen says he dropped her back off at the bus stop 5 hours later. The teen immediately told police and called her mother.

"He knows what he did, he shouldn't be walking free," said the victim. "So he can do this to a girl younger than me? She may not make it out alive, dead in that abandoned house and you would never know."

Notify police immediately if you have any information on this man. Also, if you would like to volunteer passing out flyers you are asked to meet at Seven Mile and Hawthorne beginning at six a.m. on Wednesday.