Pregnant woman still in serious condition amid quadruple shooting probe in Detroit

The two 18-year-old victims that were shot in a Detroit park late Wednesday night remain in serious condition as Detroit police continue searching for the suspects involved in the quadruple shooting.

Of the four that were shot, two were kids that were uninvolved in the altercation that escalated into violence at Stein Park around 8:30 p.m. One of the 18-year-old victims still hospitalized is pregnant.

Officers returned to the scene near Joy Road and W. Chicago on Thursday afternoon to continue canvassing for evidence as well as getting any home security footage that could help their investigation.

The shooters have yet to be identified.

According to police, an argument between two women turned violent when one of the parties called a friend to the area. The person who arrived pulled out a gun and started shooting, wounding four people.

The blast of violence unnerved neighbors who heard the gunfire. One resident ran over to the park to help one of the victims.

"One of the girls was drowning in her own blood. I took my shirt off and put it up under her head to tried and patch the hole where she got shot in the face," said Donte, who tried helping one of the victims. 

Along with returning to the scene, police brought K-9 units and expanded their investigation area to include Cody High School.