President Biden talks infrastructure spending, visits GM's Factory ZERO

President Joe Biden took a victory lap in the Motor City celebrating the bipartisan infrastructure deal Wednesday.

Biden recently signed it into law this week that allocates billions to electric vehicle assembly, timed with a visit to General Motors which officially opens its retooled Factory ZERO. The plant is where the next generation of electric vehicles will be made.

Biden spoke about his $1.2 trillion bill, which includes an estimated $7.5 billion for electric vehicle chargers. The President made the case that the bill will help America boost green energy manufacturing and curb carbon emissions while adding jobs.

The White House estimates about two million jobs per year should be added over the coming decade. Right now plug-in electric vehicle sales by market share, are about one-third the size of the Chinese EV market.

The infrastructure bill is a behemoth in size. About  $110 billion goes to repair the nation's aging bridges and roads. About $39 billion goes to public transit, $65 billion for broadband access.  Another $65 billion will go to upgrade our power grid.

According to a White House spokesperson, we understand that at least $1.3 billion will be coming to Michigan to support water infrastructure,

But the major ask is now that the infrastructure plan is law, Biden is anxious to pass his Build Back Better plan That is $1.7 trillion in social spending on everything from climate change, to child and elder care.

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"We are going to lower cost for prescription drugs across the board, allowing them to negotiate prices," he said. "Lowering the cost of daycare, elder care, housing, health care, and prescription drugs," Biden said. "That is what the plan does. My plan meets the moment of climate change as well. And one more thing. It's fully paid for."

Republicans don't necessarily agree on that point. Biden's stop in Michigan is all about convincing Americans that his infrastructure bill was indeed worth it so that the second and larger piece of his agenda can make it through the political pushback.

The president's approval rating has hit a new low, and that puts Democrats in jeopardy generally with the mid-term election, about a year away.

A recent Washington Post/ABC poll found that if elections were held today, 46 percent of adults overall would back the Republican candidate for Congress and 43 percent the Democrat candidate with issues at play like the biggest 12-month jump in inflation since 1990 and ongoing supply chain backups.

Watch below for Biden's full speech.