Pro-abortion activists, one wearing fig leaves interrupt church mass in Eastpointe

A church in Eastpointe served as the venue for a pro-abortion demonstration - and the witnesses say if the goal was to get a strong reaction - it worked.

One video clip posted to TikTok shows two demonstrators at St. Veronica's Catholic Church, one wearing nothing but fig leaves standing up during a Sunday service in opposition to the church’s views of abortion.

"Overturn Roe, hell no," they chanted.

The 45-second clip continues as one of the protestors is forcibly removed from the Eastpointe church, the second person walked out on her own, followed by an usher.

FOX 2 showed the video to a woman who lives near the church in Eastpointe. While she doesn't attend the church in question, she does have strong feelings for the way the message was delivered.

"There is always a time and a place for everything. That was disturbing," said Janae Parham.

She’s not alone in feeling that way. The Archdiocese of Detroit is aware of the same video which has since been removed from TikTok and issued this statement:

"We are sad to see protestors disrupt a liturgical celebration and disrespect those who were gathered in prayer. All religious communities should be free to worship without fear.

"In the Archdiocese of Detroit, we are committed to accompanying women and families facing difficult or unexpected pregnancies and advocating for laws that protect the lives of unborn babies and mothers."

We attempted to reach out to several organizations who shared the TikTok video, and RiseUp4Abortion

Neither returned calls for comment by news time.

This demonstration from Sunday comes as a nation anticipates a US Supreme Court ruling to overturn abortion rights at a federal level.

"We don’t have to always be on the same page about things," Parham said. "Just because we are not, doesn't mean we have to push our agenda on others and force it on the next person, so much so that we are embarrassing ourselves like this. I’m not okay with this."

FOX News reports a decision could come as soon as tomorrow or before the court breaks for summer recess.