Problem Solvers: No-show judge sues to go back to work

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A 36th District Court judge who didn't show up for work the first three months of the year is now suing because the chief judge won't let her hear any cases.

Judge Kahlilia Davis is in hot water again after being told by her boss "based on your demonstrated inability to perform her duties ... you, Judge Kahlilia Y. Davis, are hereby prohibited from presiding over any 36th District Court cases." 

So now the judge who was a no-show after being elected, is basically being told she has to go to the 36th District Court for work - but can't hear any cases.
In March, Rob Wolchek did a story about how Judge Kahlilia Davis hadn't come to work ever since she'd been elected.  

At the time she said: "Excuse me, I've had surgery, I have a wound infection and an open wound. If you want a staph infection all over the courthouse, you might want that."

Wolchek had seen the judge around town when she was supposed to be on the bench and even though she didn't look like she was living it up, she was out and about.
And the judge's history before being elected was a little different. Her past includes the federal government placing a $35,000 tax lien on her. She was late paying her Wayne County property tax. 

And she had been a defendant in the court she was running for election in. She was sued by Ally Financial for $16,000. Davis lost and was slapped with a judgment. 

She was sued and lost in 2015 in 36th District Court as well. In 2012 she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

Davis seemed to be up for campaigning. She appeared on Christian TV shows with a unique take on court and on her medical health, singing Jesus is her doctor.

She was elected a year ago but claimed she was too sick to come to work - for months. After Wolchek's story she did come court, her court and the bankruptcy court.

Judge Davis filed again for bankruptcy in April even though her salary is $138,000 a year. 

And now, according to published reports, Judge Davis has complaints on her decisions on the bench logging four complaints in one month.

Chief judge Nancy Blount has prohibited her from hearing cases. So, now Davis is suing the chief judge.

The chief judge wasn't available for comment but Judge Davis' attorney told us the chief judge improperly used her power to keep Davis from hearing cases.

Controversial Kahlilia Davis continues to make news.