Promising student athlete shot in Pontiac

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“He’s such a great kid, a real positive kid, great athlete, great student.”

Coach Kenneth Wade reminisced on happier times. For three years he coached 15-year-old Solomon Bonner when he played for the Pontiac Panthers.

Today Bonner is fighting for his young life after he was shot in the head inside a Pontiac home over the weekend.

Bonner is at Children's Hospital listed in critical condition.

“Just straight disbelief. I can’t believe that someone his age with such a bright potential and such a vibrant life would be in such a circumstance.”

On Monday Fox 2 went to the house where the shooting happened. Through a closed door, someone inside yelled, “No comment.”

Investigators say three other teens were inside the house at the time of the shooting. One of them has been identified as the shooter and was taken away by police. A .32 caliber handgun used in the shooting was found nearby.

“We just try and teach to stay away from things, to try and always make the right decisions, to try and not do the wrong thing.”

Wisner Field in Pontiac is where the Panthers play their home games. Wade says Bonner always showed a lot of potential on and off the field, and was already looking ahead toward high school.

“He had such a bright future with Orchard Lake St. Mary’s with high school coming up. Not only is he a great athlete, he’s great academically. He’s really got a bright future ahead of him.”

Wade says he's been in touch with Bonner's family and they all trying to be strong.

“We're just praying for best. He’s a fighter so we believe in him. We believe he can fight through this.”