Proposed Michigan budget includes $9,000 per K-12 student, $6,000 stipends for university students

Michigan schools would get a big boost under a more than $74 billion budget.

The K-12 system, community colleges, and the state's 15 universities would all see more money.

This includes $9,000 that K-12 schools would get per student, a $6,000 stipend for university students, and a $3,000 scholarship program for community college students. 

"It's good to hear that number of around 9,000 per pupil. That's the highest dollar amount. Certainly we're excited about that, but we are still $3 billion dollars underfunded," said Peter Spadafore, the president of the Urban School Association. 

Detroit and other urban schools in particular will get a new influx of state dollars for special needs students.

"The middle city schools serve a higher percentage of special ed and a higher percentage of students at risk, so to have this type of investment coming our way is very important for my member districts," Spadafore said.

In the wake that emotional Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow the states to decide the abortion issue, the GOP house budget chair Rep. Tom Albert tried to stop the state from sending tax dollars to groups such as Planned Parenthood, which offer abortions.

There was an effort to take money away from the state attorney general, Dana Nessel, because she refused to honor a legislative request to preserve the 1931 law making abortions illegal.

As they leave town later Thursday night, lawmakers did not pass a gas tax holiday, and did not agree to send you a tax cut check of $500 as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wanted, nor did they roll back the state income tax rate.

Whitmer and two GOP leaders will continue negotiations during the summer recess on all these tax cuts. In this election year for everyone, they will likely make that deal and call lawmakers back to town to seal it.